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Fast Food for the French

26 Jan

I miss France!! (You will get rants like this sometimes. Having lived in France for a year, I couldn’t help it, the food snootiness rubbed off on me 😦

When I was living in Aix-en-Provence, a small town by Marseille, we would stop by a McDonalds when we were feeling particularly homesick. Since my first year in college, I had sworn off McDonalds and most fast food but that did not stop me from getting my small piece of Americana when overseas. I remember feeling nostalgic and the food was just so good. The restaurant would have a happy and comfortable atmosphere. It wasn’t until I read this article when I realized that it was different from the American experience of McDonald’s. France is McDonald’s second biggest market with the U.S. as number one. I never would’ve thought!! But hey, they had to do something right!!