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22 Feb

No, the words are in the right order. There is a new beer brand out there and it is made especially for beer pong. It even comes with two ping pong balls! I try to avoid the game because I hate the cheap beer that’s always used (you know what I mean). But PONG BEER is “brewed using only the finest natural ingredients to produce an exceptionally crisp, smooth, and refreshing light beer.” Can’t wait until it comes to California!!

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Nigori Sake

19 Jan

Who else is glad that Wikipedia is back?!?! Admit it, you searched for something and you felt so disappointed because you didn’t want to get your information from another source. You wanted Wikipedia!! Guess where I got the information for this post 😉 Read more here.

Don’t you LOVE the pink bottle?!

After the fermentation process, Nigori sake is made when the sake is passed through a loose mesh to separate it from the mash and is not filtered after. This results in much rice sediment in the bottle; a bottle 0f this cloudy sake is shaken to mix the sediment and turn the sake white or cloudy.

This is my favorite kind of sake because it’s considered the sweetest of all the sakes and it goes well with (almost) every meal! Like chorizo!!! <– for the FB fans