Sprouts anyone?

16 Mar

Read this article!

“Sprouting also changes the chemistry of seeds, so they become nutritional powerhouses,” said chef Adina Niemerow, an expert in holistic cooking. The seeds develop more vitamins (usually lots of A, B, and C) and other nutrients, often in concentrated form. Compared to broccoli, for instance, broccoli sprouts can have up to 50 times more of the cancer-preventing phytochemical sulforaphane. Raw sprouts also have lots of enzymes — those mysterious “life forces.” Niemerow believes these enzymes can make you feel younger and more energized.”

Interesting, right?!

Organic seeds just for sprouting are on my shopping list for next week!


One Response to “Sprouts anyone?”

  1. Christ K March 16, 2012 at 9:31 pm #

    I like sprouts in my sandwiches. Turkey sandwiches of course.

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