Ethiopian food in… INGLEWOOD?!

31 Jan

Ibex Ethiopian Restaurant
Inglewood, CA

I’m not even going to lie, the area looked sketchy. I was nervous as we parked the car but I needed my Ethiopian spongy bread and spicy meat fix. We were greeted by a woman who is the wife of the chef. She sat us down and gave us the menu. It looked like this:


We ordered a round of waters but she came out with bottled waters so you might want to specify during your visit! We told them and they brought us regular water.

My two coworkers and myself ordered the following:

1. Awaze Tibs (Tender beef sauteed with onion, tomato and red pepper paste) SEASONING WAS BOMB DOT COM
2. Green Chicken (Boneless chicken sauteed with onion and collard greens) GOOD BUT NOT AS SPICY AS THE AWAZE TIBS
3. Vegetarian Combination with Fish (pan fried trout to perfection) THE TROUT OMG OMG OMG!!

She asked us if we wanted everything together on the same plate. Yes please! See below photo for the beautiful presentation and the basket of injera. Injera is the national bread of Ethiopia and traditionally made with teff flour. You can read more about it on Wikipedia!


For newbies, please note that you’re supposed to eat everything by hand,  no utensils or plates. Tear off a piece of injera and scoop up the delicous portions. Don’t be afraid to mix the lentils with the meat or add the spicy sauces with everything else. They will bring out forks if needed…


The trout was the best part. As the menu had stated, pan fried and seasoned to perfection.. and indeed it was. We were definitely the most impressed with the fish! Also, the green spicy sauce on the left of the sauce caddy is DELICIOUS. They need to bottle that and sell it. It’s tangy, spicy… simply amazing…

Grand Master Foodie says…. FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS
The food was delicious and they definitely gave me my Ethiopian fix. I will definitely be back for the fish. The only thing I have to complain about was that it did take awhile to bring out the food. (But I figured it was a lot to prepare) Don’t be scared to go to Inglewood for Ibex!!


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