My review of garlic heaven (aka the Stinking Rose)

26 Jan

The Stinking Rose
Beverly Hills, CA

They sat our party of five in a cozy booth. The place was pretty empty, given that it was a Wednesday night. Our waiter was training so we had two waiters technically 🙂 They took our drink and appetizer orders first. Our waiter recommended that we get this to share:


Bagna Calda (Garlic soaking in a hot tub)
Garlic cloves, oven-roased in extra virgin olive oil & butter with a hint of anchovy, a wonderful treat for spreading on our house-baked focaccia bread, served at your table in an iron skillet.

The garlic was soft and spreadable. The bread was amazingly warm and some pieces had melted cheese on top. The best part is that the bread is unlimited… but try not to eat too much of it before your entree comes out!

We also got the Garlic Spinach Fontina Fondue but it was gone before I could grab my camera… That was really good too but wish the portions were a shareable size!


Garlic Filet Mignon Chili pizza
Chili on pizza? Nouveau idea and surprisingly good!! Not enough garlic? You have nothing to fear! On every table there’s a jar of something that looks like chopped up garlic and parsley. Add that to anything you deem not garlicky enough! I did that and it gave it just the right kick 🙂


Garlic Encrusted Baby Back Ribs, served with garlic yukon gold mashed potatoes
DELICIOUS.. I love my meat and I love my garlic. What more can I say?! Oh, and the mashed potatoes are amazing. I would like a plate of that if I was on a carb-only diet 😛


So happy with my Garlic-tini!!
It tastes like a dirty martini that got hit with a garlic hurricane!!


The best part about the Kustard ice cream dish is that it’s big enough to share. We wanted to order the garlic ice cream but since someone from our party found a SPIDER in her water glass, the waiter brought us this dessert as an apology. From all my restaurant experiences, I have never seen a spider and honestly, now I question the cleanliness of this establishment.

Grand Master Foodie says…. FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS
The food was excellent and the service was above par but I hate spiders with a passion. I would’ve probably thrown a fit if I was the one that found the spider…


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